Batuk Caracol

El sábado 9 de Julio tuve el placer de asistir al directo de Batuk, grupo del cual había escuchado 3 4 temas ya que no tienen muchos más todavía subidos al youtube, el directo estalló, con una fuerza brutal, dejaron al público flipando y deshidratado sobre todo, porque Caracol otra cosa no sé, pero es el infierno literal.
Cuentan con una energía brutal y poco a poco se están haciendo hueco.
Colectivo creativo fundado por beatmakers sudafricanos de electrónica Aero Manyelo y Spoek Mathambo y de vocalista Manteiga (Mozambique). La función central de Batuk es el híbrido del house con la diáspora africana basada en la cultura rítmica y el lenguaje compartido e intercambiado. Han realizado bastantes colaboraciones en Sudáfrica, Mozambique y Uganda.


A mi personalmente me parecen súper fresh, tienen un rollo muy natural y si no te la bailas eres más seco que la Mojama, tienen muchísima actitud, Manteiga es una crack, la destaco a ella porque tiene un brillo brutal y es la que transmite esa luz al público, y porque es mujer, obvio, que hay que destacarla haciéndolo tan guay <3. Clips muy finos y letras con un toque ácido, todo en un estilo determinado y muy cuidado. Os dejo una breve entrevista que pude hacerles y alguna instantánea que otra gozando del directo. First thing I´d like to tell you, congratulations for the saturday´s concert, it was awesome from the very first start, the staging deserves an A+, you´ve got so much energy and light and the audience felt it. That´s a point in favour when it comes to the live, u play with an absolutely naturalness and that´s something to give thankx for, the authenticity you transmit. -How do you feel when you go out on stage? *We are always super energetic and excited to share our music with the crowd. -The energy I was talking about, I guess it's a completely feedback, how do you share it with the audience? Do you think that this purity, this naturalness is important? * We bring our raw, honest and vibrant energy to the show. Its in our music, its in our bones, its in our dance! We want to exchange this energy with the crowd! -At " Call Me Naughty ft Nandi Ndlovu" video you play with GIFs, you're super fresh. How do you work with this? You've got an idea and then you just develop it ? *It’s an idea we had and we just went with it. We have a lot of fun with it!! -At the "Gira" video we can see social criticism, fight, wars. It doesn't unleash anything remotely positive. You've got a highly social conscious, what do you think about the Philando Castile case or the Alton Sterling one, about the racial tension that is lived in EEUU and in too many places in the world ? Do you think is an underlying problem or is it all about mr Trump ? *The song is a protest song about the ongoing war throughout AFRICA. It is our plead for change as Africans and as natives of a beautiful continent. We are fully aware of the violence and racism and terrorism and war that happens throughout the world and we are firm in our passion for change and love throughout. It has NOTHING AT ALL to do with Mr.Trump…hahahahah!!!!!


-At «Puta» clip I could notice the most powerful point, the strength I was talking about Manteiga over all this time, I see you with a lot of style, the Versace for HyM dress, the tropical tracksuit and many cool accesories, where does your style comes from? what inspires you to choose your outfit ?
*I love colorful, simple and comfortable clothing. My style comes from my love for comfort and what looks good on my body.

-All of you have a lot of attitude, is there someone you feel identify with or someone’s work that you appreciate regarding other musicians with this characteristics?
*Each of us have our own energy and attitude and funk! We all rub off on one another…our energy is passed between the three of us. Its very dynamic!

-How do you work when it comes to producing or developing lyrics ? Each one of you do one concrete thing or is it more like common work, helping each other?
*Spoek and Aero are on the production side…I write most of the lyrics…but we are always collaborating and sharing ideas and helping each other. Thats how any successful collective should work, together.

-At last, how do you see yourselves in the future, do you have any idea or project in mind that you can spoil us?
*We see ourselves traveling across the globe sharing our music and collaborating with artists from all over the world. We are also theatre makers and film makers…so apart from music, we also have other creative projects in the pipeline…stay tuned 😉